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Social Security Website

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The official website of the Social Security Administration.  You can create your SSA account, view new articles, & stay up to date on Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI) & Social Security Disability Insurance.


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My Social Security Account


Find out what your monthly disability benefit amount would be if you were to be found disabled. You can also call 800-772-1213 to speak with a representative from the SSA to learn more about your benefits.


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Social Security Listings

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The listings are just part of how SSA decide if someone is disabled. For adults, the SSA will also consider past work experience, severity of medical conditions, age, education, and work skills.


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Disability Judges

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Disability is a website which shows the statistics for each Social Security judge. You will find the percentages of cases that your judge has awarded here.


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Office Location


255 Great Valley Parkway STE 150

Malvern PA, 19355

1 (866) 350-7229

1 (484) 334-8444


Vets Disability Guide

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Published by Victory Disability, this site allows you to take a free, 2-minute evaluation to determine if you are eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).


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2022 SSDI Payment Schedule blog header image

2022 SSDI Payment Schedule

SSDI beneficiaries will be seeing an increase in their monthly payments this year due to the 2022 COLA adjustment. Here are the dates you can expect to receive your SSDI payments this year:

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Social Security Disability Myths

Social Security Disability Myths: Part 2

SSDI myths and misconceptions are all too common and cause a great deal of confusion for prospective applicants. Having the proper information is important as it ensures that a claimant is prepared for the process. Continue reading to learn about 5 disability myths and facts.

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Social Security Disability Myths Part 1

Social Security Disability Myths: Part 1

Social Security Disability is a complex program with many rules and regulations. Because of this, there is a lot of false information circulating online. Below are 5 disability myths and misconceptions that we commonly see.

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5 Reasons Veterans Are Denied SSDI

Denial of SSDI benefits is all too common, particularly at the initial level. Many causes of denial are difficult to correct. However, other causes are more technical and can be amended. We spoke with Alexander Sioutis, Attorney and founder of Victory Disability, about the most common reasons claimants are denied SSDI.

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Social Security Disability and VA Disability

There are two primary programs through which disabled veterans may receive benefits: Social Security Disability and VA Disability. Veterans can receive these benefits concurrently, however, they must first meet the requirements of each.

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The Pros of Hiring Victory Disability Over a Local Attorney

It is always wise to have attorney assistance when filing for Social Security Disability. You can hire a local attorney out of convenience but that does not guarantee proper representation. Victory Disability is the smarter choice for assistance with disability claims, and here’s why:

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